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A great new WordPress plugin to show RSS Feeds on your WordPress website.
Show RSS Feed on your posts and pages with shortcode to show and display single and multiple RSS feeds blocks like Popurls, Alltop, Netvibes. For Advanced options and more style like Huffington Post or Drudge Repport go to RSS Feeds News Block Pro


RSS Feed News Blocks NewsPaper style online Demo
New style Newspaper –  Huffington Post OR Drudge Repport Style.  (NEW)

Example width 6 RSS Feeds on 3 columns width:

[[newsblocks url=",,,,," items="5" max_items="10" excerpt="50" new_window="true" thumbnail="70" cache="10800" source="true" columns="2" tooltip="true"]]

[newsblocks url=”,,,,,” items=”5″ max_items=”10″ excerpt=”50″ new_window=”true” thumbnail=”70″ cache=”10800″ source=”true” columns=”2″ tooltip=”true”]

Play Videos. Youtube Channels or User list, Vimeo or MP4 Podcast videos: (no tooltip )

[[newsblocks url=",," items="4" max_items="10" excerpt="14" new_window="true" thumbnail="75" cache="10800" source="false" columns="2"]]

[newsblocks url=”,,” items=”4″ max_items=”10″ excerpt=”14″ new_window=”true” thumbnail=”75″ cache=”10800″ source=”false” columns=”2″ ]

Play .MP3 .OGG Videos and Audio Podcast

[[newsblocks url=",," items="5" max_items="10" excerpt="30" new_window="true" thumbnail="71" cache="10800" source="false" columns="3" tooltip="true"]]

[newsblocks url=”,,” items=”5″ max_items=”10″ excerpt=”30″ new_window=”true” thumbnail=”71″ cache=”10800″ source=”false” columns=”2″ tooltip=”true”]

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