RSS Feeds News Blocks | WordPress plugins for RSS

RSS Feeds News Blocks like Popurls, Alltop, Netvibes. RSS Feed parser plugin which uses shortcode to fetch and display single and multiple RSS feeds.


Video skin generator WordPress plugin HTML5 & Flash videos

Videojs didn’t not update their Videojs to 5.0+ for WordPress and i decided to do it and share it on the WordPress plugins page and go further with HTML5 Video skin builder (Responsive video). Video js WP plugin Skin generator Pro Version (HTML 5 Video) Video Skin generator will find all videos Shortcodes, Youtube videos, […]

Ajax Navigation for Wordpress Zajax

Zajax – Ajax Navigation for WordPress

Zajax is a WordPress plugin who add ajax navigation to your WordPress website. It will work with search, All form will work, like comments, it will understand links with # hash and external links or admin links. Beautifull loading bar at the top and a loading circle in the center. (Look like mobile loading from Android). Some differences with others ajax pluging. Zajax work with Google analytics, it will work with all form, input, comments ect.. Preload pages on mouse hover for instant loading with the Zajax-pro version.


Custom slider with Crelly Slider

I do some work for client and this is a example of using a existing good free plugin like Crelly Slider and with some jQuery and CSS recreating the exact result that the client was asking for. See the width version